Water and surroundings

Water and surroundings

The marina is located on lake Wolderwijd, witch has many islands with docks. The lake is large and deep enough for hours of sailing pleasure.  And the immediate area has much to offer for daytime recreation. In just under three hours you can reach the much larger lake, IJ, which also lends access to the river Vecht. If you sail through the Veluwe, the lake Ketelmeer can be reached in approx. 4 hours. From there you can choose to turn right to go onto IJsselmeer a closed off inland bay. The lock at Lovink offers you access to the unparalleled natural beauty of the Flevolpolder. a region of reclaimed land.

The center of Ermelo, with its many shops and restaurants with terraces is very inviting and the weekly fair every Tuesday in August is a must. The villages Horst and Telgt with their beautiful farms, pastures, corn fields and forests have abundant cycle routes and walking paths. Hiking trails take you all the way to Harderwijk, Putten and Nijkerk, and the ferry, which departs every 40 minutes, takes you to Zeewolde.