General information

General information

When was the CE verification established?

CE ships must be inspected after June 15, 1998. This means that a builder’s certificate and a user’s manual must accompany a ship built before June 15, 1998. For more information about the CE brand, see the website of the Netherlands’ Chamber of Commerce:

Customs declaration

If you sail outside the EC and return, Customs agents are authorized to ask you to present proof that taxes on the vessel have been paid. The original invoice / bill for this is well suited. The VAT certificate, issued by Customs, is also an option.

Brokerage Strand Horst can help you in applying for and obtaining such a document. Moreover, it is only necessary to submit papers for ships built after January 1, 1985. you can find the appliation form for a VAT declaration on the internet at:…ring_pleziervaartuig